As a nation, we stand in an era of hope, charged with the duty of being the change we wish to see. Strengthening family and community ties will generate such positive change. With this idea in mind, the 2009 Sige (Let's Go): Our Moment is Now summer symposium was born.


Sige (Let's Go): Our Moment is Now aims to establish dialogue between multiple generations of Filipino-American individuals, organizations, and those interested in the betterment of the Filipino-American community by providing a forum to exchange insight, current issues, and resources. The Filipino American National Historical Society - Hampton Roads Chapter (FANHS-HR) will be the lead organizer of the symposium.


We envision an ever increasing national and community awareness that will foster continuous dialogue on multi-generational Filipino-American issues among students, adults, and elders.

  1. To increase community exposure to Filipino-American issues, such as their role in the media, identity struggles, history, and culture.
  2. To showcase Filipino-American arts and entertainment talent.
  3. To foster multi-generational interaction and relationships.
  4. To increase opportunities for national and regional networking.

For more information please contact Gil Salang:

Sponsor Information

Download FANHS-HR breakfast sponsor letter here: Breakfast Sponsorship Letter.pdf

Download Sponsor registration form here: Symposium Registration Sponsorship.pdf


We want to thank the following volunteers who were part of the committee to conceptualize, plan and implement the "Sige" Symposium. The Hampton Roads Chapter of FANHS approved the project last October and started meeting in February to start organizing the event. We hope that all symposium attendees enjoy the vision that we put forward in learning more about ourselves to strengthen our communities.

  • Allan Bergano
  • Edwina Bergano
  • Tracie Liguid
  • CJ Riculan
  • Melissa Delima
  • Ray Obispo
  • Alex Cena
  • Lee Garduque
  • Marco Mercado
  • Erman Baradi
  • Wendell Cruz
  • Veronica Salcedo
  • Michael Cloud Butler
  • Sylvia Nery-Strickland
  • Jon Picart
  • Joanie Cordova
  • Mark Cassi
  • Mary Ann Matel
  • Louise Lockett
  • Ronalyn Teodoro
  • Jeffrey Acosta
  • Alyssa Sawi
  • Marisol Hugo
  • Gil Salang
  • Tricia Orpilla
  • Christian Orpilla
  • Desi Orpilla
  • Crys Orpilla
  • Donita Del Rosario
  • Erman Baradi
  • DJ Imperial
  • Eric Cudiamat